About Education

AAHO aims to make digital & non-digital world standard education possible for the poor in war-torn countries in the mid to long-term as well as for the least advantaged in impoverished & war-stricken regions of the world in the long-term regardless of their gender, ethnicity, & religious backgrounds. Education is a primary human right & we want to facilitate and stimulate it. we promote proper education through objective research, as the required resources in various regions of the world. we are well-positioned to reach the international scope through social media campaigns and smart marketing strategies. AAHO provides proper education in:

  1. Homes
  2. Schools
  3. Colleges
  4. Communities

Education, National, and International Specialization, (Scholarship traineeship in and outside Afghanistan for our Youth and professionals), Skill Training & Job Creation & Skill Acquisition. Empowerment:  Altruistic Empowerment and Medical Projects Carried out Independently or with Affiliate and associated Charity Foundations, Global Community Engagement and Cultural Interaction Elderly Care & Support and Job Creation & Skill Acquisition.

Primary and lower secondary education

We collaborate with schools in the primary and lower secondary echelon to provide free education and vocational training programs to selected students with charismatic talents in various fields of learning. Read More

Upper Secondary and higher education

AAHO also collaborates with reputable schools and colleges to support students’ welfare and enhance academic excellence. Scholarships are made available to students in professional fields such as medicine and… Read More

Adult education

AAHO in collaboration with some Afghanistan-based vocational institutes provides Adult Education programs to train our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers in some relevant skill sets that will help… Read More

Online Study

Harnessing the rapid development of technology, AAHO provides a platform where convenient learning is provided using smart devices. Our humanitarian services span across all sectors of human-skill development… Read More


AAHO partners with some private institutes in Afghanistan to provide two-month training programs for those seeking to write the IELTS English proficiency examination. This is to enable them to seek admission into reputable… Read More


We also provide two-month training programs to Afghans seeking to sit for the TOEFL professional Examination. We provide them the necessary support, information, and training to become successful in the examination… Read More


Our Scholarship program is to provide Fully-funded Scholarships for Afghanistan students abroad. These scholarships for Afghanistan is made for all level of studies ranging from… Read More


Our R&D (Research and Development) department focuses on human resource development to equip Afghans with great knowledge in the field of medicine, pharmacy, radiology, IT, etc. We provide four-month free… Read More

Our Campaign

We have various campaigns that run year-round. 1. Medical case campaign. 2. COVID-19 case-related campaigns. 3. Cancer awareness and prevention campaigns. 4. Health empowerments campaigns…


AAHO will be hosting an annual educational conference in Kabul and Amsterdam. The educational conference promotes our humanitarian motif and project in sponsoring smart and intelligent Afghans… Read More


We affiliate with reputable bookshops to supply books and reading materials to local schools and colleges in Afghanistan. The goal is to ensure that every poor child is given the opportunity to acquire…

Education Structure