ANBI Status

Many foundations want to be classified as Public Benefit Institutions (ANBI). This status is granted by the tax authorities. The ANBI status provides tax benefits for both donors and the foundation itself.


As of 29-10-2021 The Stichting Afghan Altruistic Humanitarian NGO has ANBI status. AAHO (Afghan Altruistic Humanitarian Organisation) Foundation (Founded in 2021)


A foundation with an ANBI status does not have to pay inheritance or gift tax, as long as the money is used for the public interest. Donors can deduct their donations from income or corporation tax. The condition is that the gift is recorded in an agreement. Another advantage for the foundation itself is that it qualifies for a refund of energy tax.


To qualify for ANBI status, a foundation must meet certain conditions set by the Tax Authorities. The most important condition is that the foundation is at least 90 percent committed to the common good. In addition, these useful activities may not be for profit. A director of a foundation with an ANBI status may not receive a salary for performing administrative tasks. However, a foundation may employ staff. All conditions can be found on the website of the Tax Authorities.

Withdrawl ANBI status

A foundation loses its ANBI status if the conditions set by the tax authorities are no longer met. The foundation can also terminate the status itself.