Our construction

We shall construct a sophisticated and well-equipped hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan where medical services will be rendered to the poor Afghans free of charge. The hospital will partner with other reputable hospitals and medical equipment construction companies in the world to provide the best healthcare services to the poor masses. AAHO hospital is specifically for the poor Afghans who cannot afford modern healthcare services.

Partnership conference

Our annual partnership conference is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The program hosts our esteemed partners, NGOs, sponsors, collaborators, affiliates, and other charity organizations all over the world.

Benefits evaluation network

AAHO benefit evaluation network links together our jurisdictional team leaders, partners, and sponsors to share best practices and communicate around benefits evaluation and performance indicators. Members of this network are called upon to contribute to development of new humanitarian healthcare projects and share findings and lessons learned.

Change management network

Our change management network is made up of healthcare consultants; a selected group of healthcare experts representing various health departments that will be affected by a change. They represent the needs and concerns of each health department; they use their experience to advise and enhance members engagement, devotion, and expertise.