Winter in the southern portion of Afghanistan is milder, while the north is cold with piercing winds blowing along valleys and severe frosts at high altitudes, and this is not a time to have women and children roam homelessly in the streets especially during a crisis such as wartime.

With temperatures ranging from -3 to -9°C, thousands of people need relief in the western Afghan provinces, suffering from the harshest winter in memory; many women and children are left with no home or shelter. As much as 5 feet of snow can be observed in villages and many afghan states leaving many without sufficient food, heating fuel, and access to medical care.

In the winter of 2017/18, the severe cold snap led to at least 1,700 deaths in Afghanistan. Most of them are vulnerable people – including newborns, children, elderly and disabled people – who are exposed to life-threatening colds.

The winter season is approaching. Thousands of vulnerable Afghan citizens are still exposed to the extreme cold, and the risk of illness and death is still high.

This is enough reason why we all need to contribute to the building of infrastructures to contain the harsh cold during the winter seasons in Afghanistan. Due to the unpredictability of the weather, it’s paramount to have all of the needed emergency centers readily available in case of emergencies.

With this donation program Afghan Winter Emergency Campaigns, we can save the lives of many, both the young and old from extreme colds and lack of shelter. We’ve felt the need for desperation from other citizens who do not have a good home, and our hearts are heavy, but our hands are open. Through our Afghan Winter Emergency Campaigns, you can help provide warm clothing, food, medicine, and temporary shelters for Afghanistan’s most vulnerable citizens.