Health and Wellness

AAHO provides significant universally accepted healthcare facilities, trained medical specialists, and allied medical services for the poor in war-stricken communities around the world on long-run as well as emergency relief medical services in & outside war-torn regions for migrants & refugees around the globe.

We aim to ensure fundamental changes in the area of digital & non-digital universally accepted healthcare systems and services for the neediest.

Medical Advice

We partner with professional medical consultants in various fields of relevance to provide strategic medical advice and consultation services to local healthcare centers in rural communities. We also provide a team. Read More

Nursing Council

AAHO has a nursing and midwifery council as well as collaborating with such councils in Afghanistan, the Netherlands, and other countries. The major role of this council is: To protect the health and… Read More

Our construction

We shall construct a sophisticated and well-equipped hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan where medical services will be rendered to the poor Afghans free of charge. The hospital will partner with others… Read More

Partnership conference

Our annual partnership conference is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The program hosts our esteemed partners, NGOs, sponsors, collaborators, affiliates, and other charity organizations all over the world… Read More

Benefits evaluation network

AAHO benefit evaluation network links together our jurisdictional team leaders, partners, and sponsors to share best practices and communicate around benefits evaluation and performance indicators…

Change management network

Our change management network is made up of healthcare consultants; a selected group of healthcare experts representing various health departments that will be affected by a change. They…

Clinical leaders and programs

AAHO has several clinical leaders ranging from different health departments which will be undertaken by our organization. We have health sections that care for illnesses such as:… Read More

Communities overview

The healthcare department covers a wide scope of communities both in Afghanistan, Netherlands, USA, Canada, UK, Middle-East, and other poor African nations. Our service tentacle reach far and wide… Read More

AAHO medical consultation team provides:

Inpatient medical consultation to both surgical and non-surgical patients Physician lead on the Rapid Response Team (RRT) Educate Internally and enlighten the poor communities on best health… Read More

AAHO Emergency Relief

We provide emergency relief services to every poor community ravaged by war, insurgency, famine, disease outbreaks, and social injustice. Our vision is to promote social justice, boost the standard of living… Read More