About AAHO

Afghan Altruistic Humanitarian Organization (AAHO) is a non-profit NGO headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are Altruistic humanitarian activists whose activities are independent of any government, religious, racial, cultural or political affiliations. If you click on read more you will find a quick summary about our organisation and about all our projects and fundings in Afghanistan.

Our Vision

AAHO is an Altruistic Humanitarian Volunteer that carries fundamental rights for everyone around the globe. We envisage being the solution center for the needy as well as the change agent that brings about the restoration of fundamental human rights, peace, and development in war-torn zones like Afghanistan and the world at large. Read more about our vision…

Our Mission

We inspire to empower and build on the great unique heritage of Afghans in the fields of medicine, knowledge, and wellbeing (sports), combined with modern world knowledge and universal value and connect Afghans around the world with world communities for the betterment of Afghan society as beneficial, self-sufficient, and constructive members of the world.

Total Beneficiaries
Health Care



AAHO aims to make digital & non-digital world standard education.
With better education we provide better chances for the future.


AAHO provides significant universally accepted healthcare facilities.
With better healthcare we provide a more humane existence.


AAHO is keen about integrating sports into the care package.
With sport we want to promote fun and a healthy lifestyle.


1. Handicrafts courses 2. Poultry farming 3. Sewing and embroidery.
With those courses we want to support independence and stability.

Investment in Education is The Best Means of Spreading Light against Ignorance

AAHO aims to make digital & non-digital world standard education possible for the poor in war-torn countries in the mid to long-term as well as for the least advantaged in impoverished & war-stricken regions of the world in the long-term regardless of their gender, ethnicity, & religious backgrounds.


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