Mahboob Dawran

Mahboob Dawran

  • dawran
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mahboob Dawran

13 years of experience in Humanitarian  and an International Humanitarian activist who delights in seeing smiles on the faces of the poor and underprivileged

Mr. Mahboob Dawran Superior knowledge of business consulting, program management director and strategy development and inclusive female leadership (women empowerment) and partnership development,

Although Mr. Dawran is an altruistic humanitarian activist, he volunteered to help the neediest people of Afghanistan in the field ranging from heart health to neurological, orthopedic, gynecological, and other . Because “The health system in Afghanistan is deficient and has low standards.

Mr. Dawran self-studied in Business Analytics. Business Management and Leadership programs

Experience in Human Resources Leadership and Financial Management

Working on leading and motivating employees and volunteers

Strong ability to design and implement successful fundraising programs, and entrepreneurial motivation,

High skills in donor connection and case support, business innovation development.

Investigate and evaluate team performance

Excellent oral and  communication skills

Strategy, Vision & Mission, Planning & Performance, Development of policies and procedures.