Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan: How you and I can be of help

Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan How you and I can be of help

Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan: How you and I can be of help

Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan: How you and I can be of help – The state of things in Afghanistan calls for urgent humanitarian support. Reports show that at least 75,000 have fled their homes amid the national chaos and violence in the last few months.

The UN has warned: Afghanistan will experience ‘universal poverty’ within a year following the Taliban’s takeover.

Kanni Wignaraja, Asia-Pacific Director of the United Nations Development Program, said, “Within a year, the poverty rate in Afghanistan will hover at a whopping 97% or 98%.”

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops from the region. The regime remained in power until 2001, after the US invaded Afghanistan.

It is no news that the Republic of Afghanistan has always been on the verge. She has held her own for a long time, ranging from natural disasters, economic downturns, wars, and now the recent takeover by the Taliban.

The Taliban insurgency can be dated as far back as the ’90s, but their tenacity in recent years made for their inevitable control of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

This control has left an already crippling economy, security, and people totally inoperable.


Before the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan was crippled by hunger and poverty. With COVID-19, conflict, and drought combined, a food crisis of a previously unseen scale was created.

Afghanistan has plunged into the depths of sociocultural and economic despair. This deteriorating economic and financial situation is responsible for elevated hunger. Poverty is on the line as well, followed by food shortages for Afghans.

The prices of goods and services keep inflating every day in Afghanistan.  Civil servants’ salaries are being withheld, refugees are fleeing similarly. This is responsible for the displacement of people and so many families. Internet services are being regulated only to gain information from private individuals. Worse is the underfunding of Humanitarian Services in Afghanistan.


In talking against the Taliban’s absolute “sharia” laws, Afghanistan’s partner states, etc. The United States of America made drastic decisions when she redeployed her troops in afghan. These decisions ultimately have led the Afghan people to face critical challenges, leading to the withdrawal of non-governmental organizations due to lack of security and underfunding.

Without a doubt, the impact of Charity Organizations, NGOs, and Humanitarian Services in times like these, throughout the years, is unmatched.

AREAS WHERE Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan IS NEEDED

The importation and trade of foods and goods are closed off and regulated. It’ll bring great peace and joy if the hunger rate is reduced by at least 15%. With provisions for instant aid for food supplies, an obvious change in the lives of Afghans is assured.

Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan How you and I can be of help
Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan How you and I can be of help –

Food provisions will drastically reduce the sickness rate with children and adults alike as it will eradicate malnutrition. Health Organizations being actively funded and supported even security-wise increases the chances of more people being attended to within a short period.

The Central Bank of Afghanistan has been shut out from international banking systems with the Taliban in control. With the help of NGOs concerning this area, currency regulation can be worked out.

NGOs and Humanitarian Services, in collaboration with the right funding and government, should push for the reopening and functioning of schools. Ensure that everyone at all levels could attend without fear or threats to their lives by the Taliban.

In truth, some measures have to be carried out concerning Taliban laws and require their cooperation. Which is absolutely feasible. Afghanistan is in a current state of despair and in dire need of all the support that can be given. There’s so much we can do. Our roles, no matter how little, will go a long way. Mary Rose McGeady once said: “There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.”

Some of the ways NGOs and charity organizations can help includes:

  • Medical and Social Services: Medical and social services will be a help to reduce the death rate.
  • Food supplies: Food supplies may just be a one-off, but it won’t be irrelevant.
  • Donation: Send cash donations to NGOs offering support within the country and to those in the Diaspora. A cash donation is a fastest and most flexible way to help meet urgent needs when in-kind donations are not plausible. Donations can help cover the cost of safe and stable housing, transportation, medical expenses, and more.
  • Domestic items: Domestic items such as kitchenware, cleaning products, laptops, and school supplies would be invaluable to the many families trying to stay together.
  • Gift cards: Gift cards will allow families to identify and purchase their exact needs at the moment.
  • Used items: Gently used items like clothes, duvet, furniture, household goods, and strollers and toys for kids, seats will be thoughtful and very useful.

Conclusion of Humanitarian Services In Afghanistan

Afghan, like many other states in crisis, needs help. The active involvement of humanitarian services and NGOs in revitalizing Afghan’s internal structure will help the country have a better foreign appeal or outlook.

With Afghan’s self-destruct, Taliban, secessionist group, the country is currently the most feared and deadliest area anyone dares not venture into.

In all these, there are families who, innocently as they are, have been directly affected by these crises, and they need to find help. Families currently in Afghanistan are in dire need of rescuing. These resources might not necessarily be material.

Lending a voice helps in its own measure too. The financial state of things in Afghanistan needs revisiting. Banks, hospitals, street-clinics, and interaction between people have been stopped or halted.

With NGOs and humanitarian services’ involved in Afghan’s present situation, Afghan will bounce back by not just an ounce, but by a wide margin in the international look of things economically. AAHO is that umbrella to shed and protect the interest of poor afghans and we must do this with LOVE in our hearts.

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