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Since the emergence of the 21st century, the celebrations of cultural festivals events have taken a huge decline over the years.

There’s a saying that goes “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” With the advent of the internet and affordable, global flights, it’s easier than ever to see the world and experience its diversity and culture firsthand.

For the Asian-American community, cultural festivals offer a great way to experience different cultures and ethnicities. The annual Taste of Singapore, Singapore Night Festival, and Japan Festival all offer a great opportunity to enjoy some home comforts in a foreign country while meeting others from the diaspora. They can also be a great chance to learn more about the heritage and cultures of different countries and ethnicities around the world. In this case, we shall be promoting Afghanistan’s cultural heritage and uniting our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.

Since cultural festivals foster unity amongst the people of a nation, they can be used as a tool to brood peace and unity, which inadvertently brings about the development of a country’s economic growth. Since Afghanistan can be categorized as an epicenter of the war, the celebration of cultural events can be used as a tool for everlasting love, peace, and unity.

Some of the cultural events in Afghanistan that brings many people around the globe together are:


The most important and oldest holiday of Afghanistan is Nowruz. It is the celebration of the beginning of the New Year. The date of Nowruz, which is March 21 or the vernal equinox, has been celebrated for more than 3,000 years.

This feast is also the biggest public holiday in Afghanistan as it is not celebrated at a local level. Thus, the cultural festival of Nowruz is not restricted to those who live in and around the city of Herat, the center of many important celebrations, but also extends to the rest of the country as well as many neighboring countries and regional countries.

●     Herat

Herat hosts the Festival of Dawn, which celebrates a time when invigorating and beautiful people from all of Afghanistan pour into the streets to honor the sun. All the tribes have to come together and live life to the fullest, despite the challenges of the day.

Supporting any of the cultural festivals around the globe is as important as giving aid for health care and feeding. Cultural events taking place will help shape and build the country’s cultural heritage and preserve its culture.

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